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It is sometimes a difficult thing to describe what I do...
As you make your way through this site you will see what I mean...
Healing comes in many forms... Physical, to Emotional, Spiritual ...as the saying goes, "Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans".... "Sometimes, Bad things happen to Good People". It is not what happens sometimes ....but how we handle it, how we react.

Our Air, Water, Food, Medicine and Land, are being contaminated and it is Deadly...Electromagnetic Frequencies, Uranium byproducts & waste, Barium and Aluminum laden Chem Trail skies, Fluoride in our food and water, Children's Candy laced with Aspartame....this is just the tip of the iceberg .... that are damaging us like never before.
We wonder why Cancer and other Illness’s are Epidemic.

Why are we Humans committing "Environmental Suicide/ Genocide"? As we are all Connected ... Follow the Money...who is at the Top ...who has much to Gain... Has Life or the Destruction of "Us" become a Trillion Dollar Business? Trillion Dollar Business’s in having our Society’s in Chaos, World Wide...right down to the Municipal Community Levels....The Business of "Order out of Chaos" is alive and well. For Hundreds of years now...it is just getting closer to "home"...

We are drugging our Elders and our Children like never before....a huge Social Experiment is at hand. We need to take back our Power ... Replace the Word "Alcohol" with the word- "Drug"...which it is. Lets call it like it is. Not a celebration, not a reward. Lets put the Warning Labels on it.. "Warning...may be Dangerous to your Life, health, family, job." ..."The Contents in this Bottle may Kill you or Someone else, may Ruin your Life or someone else’s".

"This is a Depressant"... Put some Crashed Vehicles on the Roof of the Alcohol/Drug Stores...as well what is the COST of this Drug to Society. Why lower Drinking ages? .... ahh the business of Chaos.

We have made Cancer ...a Lottery, a Marathon, a Clothing Business, people shaving their Heads raising MONEY....Where over all these years Has the Money Gone? Yet go to any Hospital that specializes in Cancer...note the Marble floors, the Brass Elevators, the Parking lot full of BMW’S Mercedes Benz’s, Rolls Royces, Jaguars, Cadillac’s....the Bizarre "Aloofness" of some Dr.s. (Many thanks to the Cancer Volunteers who are driving Cancer Patients around out there!)

The Kind, Other Dr.s who’s hands and mouths are Tied by the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons. When Cancer is cured by Alternative Means... It is not reported, researched at all... you will have the Dr. Saying... "Keep on doing what ever you are doing"... end of story. As well the Statement.. "I cannot report this..."... If they cannot make a Billion Dollars off of it and Patent it...they don’t want to hear how you CURED your CANCER, or any other illness.... And Yes, everyday people are curing Themselves. Thru Many means out there... research... Visualizations- Dr. Cunningham Princess Margaret Hos. , Chi kung, Energy Healing, Tong Ren, Vibrational Medicine- Homeopathic and Flower essences, Cell Tissue Salts, Sound healing see Dr. L. Horowitz! etc... much more... Talks of Dr. C and his amazing findings.

Raymond Rife, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Nurse Renne Cassie of Essiac tea, Dr. Beck... so many others out there who were Reamed by the Colleges and FDA to protect the Illness -Business.

We are seeing some Horrifying diseases emerging ... Morgellons Disease, Bio Weaponry Cocktails unleashed to the Unsuspecting Public. For one, In Ontario Canada Mosquito’s released with Virus’s...purposely from a Lab in Belleville 1980's, Has gone on for Years. The repeated Spraying of the City of Winnipeg in the 1950's with Depleted Uranium with the blessing of the US Pentagon... We are all paying for this with our "Usury fees"- tied to the IMF and World Bank, as well our Taxes. I would never had realized this was all going on if it was not for many who came to me with "Mysterious" illnesses who brought me the Facts. Old News clippings etc. as well Eye witness reports to some shocking info. More see this site Click Here for "Mycoplasma, The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases"

Hughes Aircraft who hold the Patent to Spray Aluminum, Barium and other cocktails in the Chem trails...this "Weather Modification" has gone on since 1946. Settles into the Rain, Into the Ground ...into our Water into us.

As well the madness of HAARP. Tesla's Free Energy ignored over Profits of Nuclear Deadly Energy. All over Microbiologists mysteriously found dead.

We have a Large Hadron Collider ready to fire up this Fall .... to re-create the BIG BANG here on Earth with the concern by Scientists of creating Black Holes...as well above October 9, 2009 the Bombing of our Moon by NASA.

Soldiers treated like Lab Rats....survived the War... but not the Vaccines, Depleted Uranium, Agent Orange, PTSD, Medication, "Gulf War Syndrome", and more. Yes they want our Most patriotic... as well the Genocide of our Native American Sisters and Brothers, Residential Schools, Moldy Rez Homes, Over 500 Missing Woman alone in Canada...NO one is looking for, Curious Vaccine Programs, Alcohol, Drugs, the tearing down of the Spirit.

Useless Inquiries that have gone No Where, Broken Treaties Every Where. Even in Space. After work we go to buy our daily food and wonder....What is in it? and why are we not being Told?

Monsanto and Genetically Modified Foods abound in Canada...yet Banned thru Europe. Meat Animals/Poultry/ Fish contaminated by Vaccines / Growth hormones / Virus. (Listeria killed how many?!...) As well the Pet food industry ....Shocking info ....over 30,000 animals died a painful death a couple of years ago due to "Melamine" Poisoning ... so who is Watching our Foods?

"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed...let it serve as food.." Genesis 1:29

Too much Power to a few... with the removal by Governments of accessability to reach them ...(ever try to reach a Gov. Office? Hydro or Phone co....good luck)

Humanity is suffering greatly.

This is All by Design.

Could a Message be in the Mysterious Georgia Guide Stones...
"Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature"
This means...a lot of US have to go....about 2 Billion of US.

Study the United Nations Leaders Take on the World Populations....you will be stunned. Who made these Stones...in 12 Languages...?

With all this craziness going on around us I cannot stress enough, Your Healing, your Medicine should be as natural as you are.

There is hope.

Spirit is telling us ... become Aware and Awaken. Research...research ....research...the Truth will arise.
Never give up hope.

My favorite quote is from an Old Cree Prophesy..

Only after the last tree has been cut down
Only after the last river has been poisoned
Only after the last fish has been caught
Only then will you find you cannot eat money
-- Cree prophecy

We are only Tenants of this Earth...

Many of us at this time have Chosen to be of Service to Others...
I have never Wanted to become what this Life Path has me walking...at times, I had no Choice. Really, I was Approached...and I Accepted. I have tried to "Quit"....but was "Re-hired"...many times.
My dream has been to awaken others.

To start people on a path to thinking outside the mainstream of what we have been Indoctrinated with but seek the Truth... as we were taught far from Truth in the Mainstream ...Go back to our Instinct and listen to what Spirit is telling us...

To do what I and Thousands of others are Capable of is not an easy road to follow. To walk this road is to walk in Love, Truth, Humility, Courage, Wisdom, Honesty and Respect.
It means Dedication, Compassion, Researching, Being Aware, especially of the Universal messages of this World and of others... when we chose to become Awake, we take back a Power that is ours to take.
It is ours.

It is healing, and when one person becomes healed that is the start of healing a community, when a community is healed, we can then start to heal the world....one Soul at a time.
I have been asked by Many... "Who Taught You?". That is a good question...
Years ago my Therapeutic Touch Instructor Linda Nelson would say... "Sue, you are doing more than T.T. ! ;) ... then asked me to Explain to her and the Class many times... "What I did.." ....as one Woman was in such distress she seemed to be Suffocating, Linda called me over to help her...I just felt and Observed her "Crown Chakra" area.... I worked that area for about 5 seconds and the woman could breath again....Gasping she Smiled...

As for the "Other Teachers"... I just point up to the Sky and say... "My Teachers are up there!" ;) ....Teaching’s come in many forms...There is no School for this course...No Diplomas to hang on the wall...you just have to LIVE it. Your Graduation is the smile and the knowing you have helped another human being thru a hard part of their life, and left them with the knowledge to do the same.

What I do...I guess is similar to Matrix Healing or Quantum Touch or Reconnecting Therapy....I call it Therapeutic Touch with a Twist..lol. I work with Spirit that comes to me to guide me in certain situations...sometimes we just Reconnect or what ever they want to label it... it is Energy Healing... and with that comes what I call the Rabbit Hole Effect...how far do you want to go down the hole? ;)

For those who Understand the Universal beings ...I call them the Star People, they have come many times to Assist and Teach. Many different "types" and many different "modalities" they have shown.
Coming out of the "I saw a Ufo" or the "I saw something I cannot explain" ~ Closet~ ...takes Courage.

I am very Up front and Truthful with what I have been witness to and Contacted by in my "Experiences" ...sometimes it was a very Traumatic experience of sorts...that left me absolutely stunned, awe struck, and questioning Reality as I knew it! With thoughts of... how do I live Now? Who do I share this with?, Why, why? .....time and time again....

In this Multi Dimensional Universe we live in....

I have also had the honor of being called to "Spirit Attached" Places, Villages, Homes, Business’s, which is in "My Investigations"...

As well Helping those who have become lost on their Life Path... or being there while loved ones Ascend from this Plane to the next... Working with Care Givers as well (you Earth Angels out there), in which being a Care Giver is one of the most Rewarding and Hardest jobs to do. Full of Emotional Challenges. Take time for yourself. Seek Groups of Support. Do ask for help! Learn a "Energy Healing" modality you are drawn to. For yourself and your Loved one! There are many out there.

And Remember ....No one knows your "Expiry Date"....
Taking back your Power is Work...there is one thing that is so Powerful we have forgotten it ....It is ....YOUR MIND...!

"You are the Healer". Once you Believe that, what ever "Medicine" you choose to use ...Your Belief settles down to your Core....your Cells and Body respond.... Much like the Placebo affect.

The Mind IS a very powerful instrument!....

There is much more going on here.
You never know at times what "Medicine" you will choose, as it may choose you...but you will choose it for yourself...it will Resonate..it may feel ‘Right’...You may be instinctively drawn to it.

When Healing is happening ...Sometimes, you may Shake and Vibrate, even Convulse, Loudly/ Softly Sob, Hysterically Laugh or Eyes may gently flutter...you may become very Cold or Warm....that is Power and Healing happening at a level most do not understand, just Acceptance of the healing is required. That is all.

All of the information you are about to read is True, some names have been changed for privacy. Others have requested their names be used.

Within us all our ANCIENT ROOTS and KNOWLEDGE exists, we just have to Access the information...
A First Nations Elder has given the name ....

She has worked with the following:
(*) Click links to a page about the topic

Many who were told they were Terminally ill.
Local Hospital’s-Intensive Care - ICU
Palliative care - Unexplained Coma’s -Talking to People in Coma’s
Township Fire Department Requested.
Guest lecturer at- Sir Sanford Fleming College,
Numerous First Nations Reserves Conferences and Ceremonies.
*Sisters of Mount St. Joseph*
*Buckhorn library day* Summer Solstice Event~
*R.C.M.P. * where a Dream got Sue involved in a Cold Case, also with Missing Persons.

Animal intuitive counseling/healing ~ Sue’s Best Friends...The 4 Legged’s
Was the Inspiration behind a Multi Million Dollar/ World Wide Selling Book
"Dancing a the Harvest Moon" ! (K.C. Mckinnon)*
Sue is an Environmental / Human Rights Activist a seeker of Truth. A fighter against Abuse and Abusers. Offering many shelter at times and support.

Sue’s main focus is on Spirit healing, Depression, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Alcoholism/ Drug Abuse, Chronic Pain, PTSD, Grief, Trauma, All kinds of Abuse and Trauma, Unexplained illness...
Sue usually uses " Distance healing"
For those around the World... If close by a personal appointment can be made.

This is a type of modality where the Healing "Sender" and the healing "Receiver" never meet in a physical way, only on an energetic plane, You may receive "Visualizations" to co-inside with the treatment. I am here to guide you along....you are your Healer.

Many I have seen, who were Diagnosed with Chronic / Illness etc....have now healed themselves and are out there ... passing along what they have learned. Helping others to Heal themselves....A type of "Pay it forward".... on and on .... Taking back your Power is an Enlightening experience.

This type of healing is not meant to replace your current type of care by your Physician or Alternative Doctor, but to work along with it.

Again Research, Knowledge and Truth are rising fast....the Times they are changing...We need to Evolve with the Positive Forces of Nature, Humanity, Respect for one another...with, Compassion.


"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

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Orgone Accumulators - non-toxic therapeutic energy


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Once something sacred is sold ...it is no longer sacred ...so I work only on donations ..I have no fee schedule and never will.... I thank the many helpers who have come to help me to help others. Many have left me donations to help with my growing cost’s and for that I thank you.

Healing Quest does not have any fee schedule. As such, we would welcome any donations intended to assist. We would also welcome donations of any kind to help with our various and ongoing services.
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